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Friday, December 18, 2009

Independence of Palestine

More than sixty years have passed since the USA and the UK created the state of Israel within the state of Palestine under 'two-state' utopian theory -Israel for the immigrant Jews and Palestine for the native Arab Muslims-- to divide and rule the Middle East.

The immigrant Jews declared unilateral independence of Israel in 1948 and the USA and the UK prompty accorded recognition. But the White House Washington D.C. and 10 Downing Street, London ignored the independence of Palestine. Since then millions of Palestinians are languishing and perishing under the steamroller of oppression, suppression and occupation of the Israeli Jews.

The fact is that the state of Israel was wiped out from the map of the world about 2500 years ago due to internal feud of the Jews themselves, invasion of Israel by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans and many other cogent reasons.

At last after World War II under military and strategic reasons, if not full political hegemony of the USA, the re-emergence of Israel was made in 1948.

The 'two-state' solution for comprehensive peace after years of so-called negotiations, meetings, discussions and even assurances and promises by present President of the USA Barak Obama is a complete fiasco.

Israel is a Frankenstein monster and sycophant of the USA. The US backed 2000 road map, a peace plan that calls for a Palestine state living side by side with Israel has been violated by Israel and has made comprehensive peace in the Middle East impossible.

The UNO, the USA, the UK, China, Brazil, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Malaysia, Iran, India, Egypt and Bangladesh must play greater role in international efforts to reach an agreement on Middle East peace and independence of Palestine


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