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Sunday, December 13, 2009

On Declaration of Independence of Palestine

Establishment of Palestine state on the lands of the Palestinians, now under the continued occupation of the Zionist regime both in Palestine and in the illegally established Israel, has been the subject of international campaigns, but thus far the Zionist and regime and its western terror allies have systematically thwarted all efforts to create the much awaited state and bring about comprehensive peace in Mideast region. President Obama’s recent efforts sent chill into the Zionist regime, but then, the criminal Israeli leaders who operate in tandem with CIA, Pentagon and Mossad and appoint Americans as contractors for the illegal settlements in occupied Palestine, know how to make the American shut their )bloody) mouths. After unsuccessfully pressuring Israel, all powerful US President ate his words albeit uncomfortably saying USA would not to press for a freeze of Israeli illegal settlements in Palestine]

Rise of a Palestine State?

Israel has to be disarmed, earler the better for world peace. It is the most welcome move as well as a healthy sense of self-development for the Palestinians to consider declaring a unilateral independence of Palestine state. West Bank-based PLO Palestinian leaders, upset over continuing illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, said that they are preparing to ask the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) to declare their backing for the Palestinian quest for an independent state. Yes, there has been some positive move from Palestinians to take their fight quite seriously having lost trust in the western rogue states. Obama’s double crossing has badly shaken whatever trust the Palestinians have retained till now in the sincerity of Western “democracies”. They have also expressed disappointment with US failure to put enough pressure on Israel to halt the illegal construction. The Fatah Palestinian officials said they will ask the UNSC to recognize an independent state, because of a lack of progress in restarting peace talks.

However, in a rude and shabby move to expose itself as a fanatic, terror state playing dirty tricks with Palestinians and the Arabs and also the international community apart from USA and Europe, fascist Israel has quickly sanctioned constructions of illegal settlement blocks and rejected the move by the Palestinians to gain international recognition for an independent state, saying bilateral negotiations are the solution but Israel has not admitted it has bee bullying the divided Palestinians. Palestinians are angered at continued expansion of illegal Jewish settlements. Settlements on occupied territory are considered illegal under international law. It is usual style of demonstrating Jewish arrogance, Israel quickly approved planning applications for the new units in East Jerusalem for the illegal expansion of Gilo which is built on land captured in 1967, and later annexed to the Jerusalem municipality. The announcement represents by far the largest batch of planning approvals for building on occupied territory since Jewish extremist Netanyahu became prime minister. The 900 housing units, which will be built in the form of four-to-five-bedroom apartments, will account for a significant expansion of Gilo.

Having support of the US-led western rogue states plus some eastern Axis allies like terror India, Israeli Prime killer Benjamin Netanyahu said such unilateral moves would unravel past agreements to reach Middle East peace, but this hawkish Jew terrorist refused to admit it was the Zionist regime that always blocked all peace moves for expanding the illegal settlements in Palestine, and attacked defenseless Palestinians, killing them in hundreds each time. In fact Israel is creating new realities on the ground in the Occupied Territories that will make the possibility of establishing a contiguous and viable Palestine state over the West Bank and Gaza simply undoubtable, but Zionism plays dirty games.
The proposal cannot go to the Security Council without the green light from the US because America can use its horrible veto to oppose it and support the fascist regime in Mideast as usual. If the US gives the green light, it means the relations between the US and Israel will change for better. The US and Israel have avoided the Security Council for more than 16 years. To go back to it today, would be a major shift, a game changer in the diplomatic process. All Palestinians would be quite excited. Everyone, on all various levels, feels betrayed by a process that delivered not much after 16 years and seven agreements with the Israelis while quadrupling the illegal Israeli settlements."

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said the new planning approval was "yet another step that shows and proves Israel is not ready for peace". The Palestinians have refused to re-enter peace negotiations unless Israeli completely halts all building work in settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel has scaled back construction in the West Bank, but says it does not consider areas within the Jerusalem municipality to be settlements. Israel terror Army Radio said Israel would respond to a possible unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence by annexing the West Bank settlement blocs, as demanded by senior right-wing ministers. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have criticized Israel's approval of 900 extra housing units at a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem and said the move would hamper Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. The UN chief believes the Israeli action would "undermine efforts for peace and cast doubt on the viability of the two-state solution". French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said his government "regretted" the move, while Saudi Arabia said the approval was a "major obstacle" to the peace process. Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator, said that the Palestinians had decided to turn to the UN due to frustration at the lack of progress peace talks, which have been stalled since Israel launched 22-day offensive in Gaza last December. Saeb said that the Palestinians felt they had few options left as Israel was continuing to build Jewish settlements on territory it has occupied since the 1967 war. The territory includes East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, where the Palestinians want to establish their state.

A crippled government and divided Palestine are ruining the Palestinians. The Zionist regime on the strength of western terror powers, prefer unilaterally pre-emptive actions in Palestine. Already, the terrorist Israeli bulldozers have demolished Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, a further cause of Palestinian anger, displacing thirty defenseless people when the first home was knocked down in the Beit Hanina area of East Jerusalem on 17 Nov evening. Palestinians say it is extremely difficult for them to get construction permits for rebuilding their destroyed homes. Western rogue states always played nasty roles in subjugating Muslim nations and terrorizing Muslims and the current GST/IST (global state terrorists) led by the USA and UK have only further hardened the already petrified the mindset of the Zionist criminals. Israeli state was carved out by the UK and its western allies- right in the centre of Palestine dividing Gaza Strip from West Bank. Fort years now, the Western Axis evil nations and a few Islamic nations played dirty tricks with Palestinians while supporting the Zionist regime. And the Bushdom rogues and Zionist criminals secretly planned to permanently divide both and make them fight each other western arms, eventually killing every Palestinian and leaving the lands for the terrorist Israelis to occupy.

The Fatah leader Abbas traveled to Cairo on 18 Nov to discuss the plan with pro-US Hosni Mubarak, his Egyptian counterpart, but nothing has come out that. Arab foreign ministers decided to approach the Security Council with the idea following a meeting in Cairo on 12 Nov. Palestinians have not been negotiating the two states for 18 days or 18 months. Erekat added: “For God's sake, we have been doing it for decades. Now it's a defining moment." They would go to the UN after consultations with Russia, the European Union and other leading players in the international community. They are eager to explain their position to the international community before doing so. However, the Hamas has not made any statement about the move. Abbas should make their appeal a joint effort to so that UN takes the appeal seriously enough.

Israel is a colonial power and nuclear state. UK, USA and others in the Europe forcefully snatched the Palestinians lands and gave to the Jewish terrorists. Who helped Israel acquire nukes so secretly and kept the secrecy for too long and now why the world nuclear bodies don’t raise the issue at all? UNSC should be slapped sanctions on Israel for secretly possessing nukes and proliferating it secretly. The terrorist Jews from Israel confront defenseless people possessing none of these arms. Palestinians feel perpetually threatened by Israeli weapons. It is strange that when USA, Israel and many European states that have nukes and continue to add more to its arsenals, have made a big fuss about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Fascist Israel, longing for Islamic blood for quenching its bloody thirst, has been threatening Iran with terror attacks while the USA, UNSC and IAEA, etc just watch the Israeli rhetoric show silently. That fact that Israel had earlier attacked the nuclear sites of Syria and Iraq are being used by Western rogues state to push for their own oil agenda. Who gave Israel permission to go nuclear how could do it so secretly without support from USA and other UNSC-5 rogues? IAEA should reveal the Israeli nuclear agendas and why their nukes pose no threat to Arabs and other Muslim nations.


Zionist Terror and Expansion

Israel captured and occupied larges areas of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem after the 1967 Middle East war, and the Palestinians want to form their state based on the borders agreed by a ceasefire before then. The Palestinians had earlier declared independence unilaterally from fascist Zionist regime in 1988, but the western powers that sponsor the Zionist terror regime in Mideast have not yet backed the Palestine state. However, the move was recognized by dozens of countries but never implemented on the ground, because of the in-flights in PLO and mischief from Israel and Mossad agents that control the PLO.

The creation of an independent Palestinian state was always seen as the endgame of the peace negotiations. But after more than 15 years since Oslo the Palestinian dream remains elusive. And even after President GW. Bush (Jr). reiterated his vision for a two-state solution in the Holy Land, the struggle continues, because the Israel does not want to end the occupation and Western powers have already made Israel their weapons depot. The right of Palestinian to self-determination was reaffirmed as far back as 1974 by the UN General Assembly and accordingly recognised by the majority of countries. UN resolutions 181, also called the partition resolution, 194 and 273 to make their case as the base. Over and above they have the Security Council resolutions of 242 and 338 to back their claim as Occupied Territories from which Israel must withdraw and remains non compliant.

In 2008 Yasser Abed Rabbo, a key Palestinian peace negotiator, who had called for a unilateral declaration of independence if reconciliation with Israel stumbles. Almost all of the reactions were judgmental and non-sympathetic. Few were even cynical. The US immediately rejected the comparison with Kosovo. There were few discouraging voices from the Arab world as well that are insicere aobut Palatine resolution. After all this was not the first time the Palestinians had made such a caveat. Much earlier, on November 15, 1988 the Palestinian National Council in Algeria declared the establishment of the state of Palestine within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. About 100 countries recognised the state of Palestine, but that did not end the Israeli occupation. They even go for big holocausts in Palestine in a way as to threaten USA, Europe, UN, UNSC and ICJ.

Only when the Americans got into the game, by putting together the Madrid peace conference, that the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Israel began talking to each other. That paved the way for the Oslo agreement and the historic signing of the Washington Accord in 1993, under which the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) was created. From there on it was a bumpy ride - and remains dangerously so. The Palestinian Authority, which is currently led by Mahmoud Abbas, is itself is a product of the interim accords, but Abbas became a tool of the West against Palestinian interests. Israel kills every accord, deliberately and USA and Europe pretends not being aware of that. Both Oslo (1993) and the Road Map (2003) called for settlements to stop, but the number of settlers has risen steadily to over 450,000. There has been such a gross and major violation on Israeli part that the agreement itself is no longer in force.

Israel claims, according to the Oslo Accord all Palestinian lands and people are in full Israeli civilian and military control. Jews think the Palestinians are the Zionist “things” to do whatever it feels like with. It is again a hostile Israeli proposition, one surely meant to erode any chances of continuing negotiations. Interim accords agreed by the two sides set up a system of interlocking administrations that falls far short of peaceful relations but brings some order to issues like Palestinian imports and exports, tax collection, utilities and security co-operation. Palestinian Fatah Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said that the declaration of a Palestinian state would be a mere formality once the institutions of a Palestinian state are created. Fayyad said building national institutions is an important step in preparation for the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Zionist Illegal settlements in Palestine have been an integral part of Israeli hidden agenda and the West Bank settlement plan hatched by the Zionist regime with help from western rogue states has shattered Palestinian lives, grabbed land and become “terrorists”. Over 500,000 terror Jews live in more than 100 settlements built on occupied territory in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Zionist government rejected a request from Washington to freeze the construction work at Gilo. Netanyahu shouted saying the project did not require government approval and that Gilo was "an integral part of Jerusalem” which is an integral part of Zionist regime now. The fascist Israeli leader disputed that East Jerusalem was occupied territory, and said that building there was like building anywhere else in the city. Areas annexed to Jerusalem were not part of any accommodation of Obama’s call for "restraint" in settlement construction.

Israel has systematically complicated the peace process in a sustained manner so that never a peaceful resolution is possible in Mideast. the Israeli Army’s harsh reoccupation of most of the West Bank; Hamas’ violent rise to power in Gaza and the accompanying resurgence of annihilationist ideology; the spectacular spread of Jewish settlements in the West Bank; and the Israeli construction of over 250 miles of a separation barrier that has protected Israel. Israeli illegal wall demonstrates a relentless continuity of Israeli purpose, now cemented by a fence whose aim was in fact double: to stop terrorists but also “to protect the settlements, to give them room to develop.” even at 250 miles, the barrier (projected to stretch over 400 miles) is already much longer than the pre-1967 border or Green Line: It burrows into the West Bank to place major settlements on the Israeli side, effectively annexing over 12 percent of the land. These anti-Palestinian settlements have changed sustained tension in the region as well as the physical appearance of the Middle East, complicating the peace efforts. Israelis have walled themselves off from Palestinians. They are less interested in peace settlements. The president was categorical in his Cairo speech: “The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.”

USA and Europe just talk bull and let the Zionist terrorists kill the Palestinians at will. Regardless of the Kosovo and the East Timor cases, the fact remains that the Palestinian question, the oldest on the UN agenda, was never taken seriously by the world powers, in particular the United States. Successive US vetoes and biased policies gave Israel the necessary cover to maintain its occupation of Palestinian territories. The Palestinians have made numerous compromises and eventually accepted to build their state over less than 8 per cent of the total land mass of historical Palestine. To this date they are unable to achieve that goal.


Post-Script: Israel makes diplomacy fail

Israel deliberately makes diplomacy fail so that it could go on rampage over Palestine intermittently. All these years diplomacy form various quarters have succumbed to Israeli terror cum fanatic tactics. Israel has dozens of illegally acquired atomic bombs, tanks and planes and hence they terrorize the innocent Palestinians. Obviously, UK, USA, France or India could have proliferated nuclear materials to Israel. The way fascist Israel and terrorist India have gone ahead with forging terror collaborations speaks volumes about democratic effects of India and other anti-Islamic nations. Israel is cooperating with India to kill Muslims in Jammu Kashmir by the Hindu state terrorists. Indian outfits have been on rampage in occupied Jammu Kashmir. Israel is desperately trying to make the Palestinians become violent all over again. The right-wing government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t deviate from the pattern of settlement growth established since 1967. And they want to recreate terrorisms to safe guard their illegal settlements. The myriad humiliations of the looping barrier, which divides, blocks and terrorizes Palestinians, are deeply rooted. Nothing has riled Palestinians as much as the continued flow of Israeli settlers into East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The Palestinians' move to move the UN for justice reflects growing frustration amongst Palestinians with a deadlock in peace efforts, but it is largely symbolic, correspondents say. But, as expected, it was rejected by Israeli chief terrorist Netanyahu, who said: "There is no substitute for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians." He warned: "Any unilateral action would only unravel the framework of agreements between us and can only lead to one-sided steps on the part of Israel. The conventional wisdom in the US is that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has successfully thwarted Barack Obama's first foray into the stalled Middle East peace process, rebuffing American calls for a complete settlements freeze. Some Washington observers however say it's too early to write off the president's efforts. They argue Obama is playing a long game and that the frosty relations between fanatic terrorist Netanyahu and the White House could cause problems for the Israeli leader in the future. Obama has clearly underestimated Israeli power inside USA, Europe and some anti-Islamic nations like Hindu India which seeks a US-India-Israel Trio (Jewish-Chrestian-Hindu anti-Islamic platform to strategically monitor and control the world for quire some time now.

Now it is certain that the Zionist regime is interested only in expanding illegal lands belonging to Palestinians and plays gimmicks with world and does not want to settle the dispute because it wants to control the Palestinians and their lands and, hence, it disallows Palestine independence. It is keen to kill all Palestinians with western support. The endgame is to tell the Israelis that now the international community has recognized the two-state solution on the '67 borders. If the Security Council does not approve the measure, other options include a unilateral declaration of statehood and "popular, comprehensive resistance against settlement and the occupation". The UN initiative would be "a real test of the intentions of the international community.

USA and European states have been pushing for the global recognition of Kosovo, and they could sympathetically seek the recognition of Palestine state as well- for the sake of world peace and welfare of humanity. President Obama and his administration are committed to the establishing the much delayed ?by the Zionist regime- Palestine state should use power both as US president and membership of UNSC to step in Israel to contain all its nefarious activities in Palestine. Obama's Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, is said to have made the request to Netanyahu but he ridiculed the US envoy. It is the second time in two months that the Obama administration has spoken out on settlements. In September the White House said it regretted reports that Israel planned to approve new construction in the West Bank. World has grown pessimistic about the possibility of peace between Israel and Palestine. One worries about what has really gone wrong with Obama on Palestine.

Along with Hamas ruling party, PLO must go ahead declare the birth of an independent Palestinian state over lands occupied in 1967 in accordance with international law. Or, Palestinians must proceed with their proposal to request the United Nations to endorse an independent state without fascist Israel's consent- after all the occupiers don’t have to grant permission to the owners. By doing so PLO would risk the collapse of the peace talks with Israel and an extension of occupation. But the a proper response from Islamic world along with western support, Israel would get back to its shell. The Palestinian issue is not a dispute over boundaries and territory, as Israel would have the rest of the world believe. It is a legal, natural and moral right of a nation that has suffered enormously as a result of conspiracy, collusion, appeasement and deceit. Abbas should not use the declaration of a Palestinian state as a tactic but only as a long-term strategy for future. He must be sincere and should announce that Israel has violated the previous agreements and that accordingly he is labelling the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza, including East Jerusalem, as the Occupied Territories of the independent state of Palestine. Such a move requires both courage and commitment to a cause that has been betrayed by the world for decades.

Israeli State terrorism and Palestinian struggle for freedom cannot go together. Peace and the Zionist terror walls do not go together and also fascism and negotiations cannot go together. Illegal settlements and Palestinian peaceful life cannot go together. Mossad-CIA terror networks and innocent Palestinian life cannot coexist. US led unilateral terrorisms are strengthening fascist Israeli power. Israel is in fact a paper tiger, just like Hindu India, but boosted by the anti-Islamic western and eastern states of Axis Evils. Israel did not seek the consent of the Palestinians before annexing their lands illegally on the support form the western rogue states, but now they arrogantly say Palestinians can’t do anything unilaterally, but only Israel has the right to do anything with them and act unilaterally in Mideast, like the USA on global arena. The USA unnecessarily condoned the construction of this settlement-reinforcing barrier, squandering the all peace efforts form his administration. It is not that it cannot be unmade ? even for the foreseeable future. The German wall collapsed Israeli wall no stronger than that.

Palestinians went into this peace process in order to achieve a two-state solution as suggested by USA and Europe, are now leading a diplomatic battle and now it is their defining moment. First of all, all Palestinians must take an oath to support one another and not to kill each even on the request from outsiders. They must save themselves from the evil influences of Mossad-CIA gangsters. Fatah has to shed it pro-western concepts and embrace Islamic ideals in stead and recognize the Hamas government and then go for a Unity government to create an image of unity among Palestinians. This will offer no extra chances for the fascist Jews to kill or bond the Palestinians. All political parties have to be abolished to form a united PLO until a Palestine state is established.

UNSC and NATO have to play a real role, for the first time in history, in defending Palestinians against the fascist Israeli regime by sending the terror troops now occupying Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Israel and getting the Palestinian lands vacated forcefully as they did in Kuwait versus Iraq before. The past shows, on its own Israel is not going to let the Palestine state or let the Palestinians live peacefully and Since all efforts to find a solution to the Palestine issue have fallen flat, it is time go for the military option to settle the issue once for all by forcefully establishing Palestine state for Palestinians. In fact, any two state formula as propounded by the US stalwarts should have 50-50 lands of the entire Israel-Palestine thereby the Palestinians would get back some part of their lands along with Jerusalem as their future capital stolen by the Zionist regime by force. It is certainly time the UNSC stepped into action and divided the entire zone of Israel-Palestine into two equal halves- one for Palestinians and another for the Jews. Fascist Israel has the capacity to make the Jews understand that they have to return the stolen lands to Palestinians before the Jews can go to any synagogue with clear conscience, in stead of the usual practice of enter the religious place with hands and legs stained with Palestine blood. The era of Israel fascism and its terrorism plank terrorize the defenseless Palestinians has to end.

The author is Delhi based Research Scholar in International Studies and can be reached at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com


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