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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hebron University

(Palestine Twitter)-Hebron University is an independent Palestinian institution of higher education, serving over 7,000 students, around 73% of whom are female. Though we began as a small Islamic Law college, we currently offer an array of programs in areas such as education, finance, arts, sciences, and nursing. In addition, we maintain agricultural and scientific research facilities, run a model school, operate a Media Center and radio station, and provide opportunities for continuing education and vocational training to the community. Our goal is to educate and train young Palestinians to be future leaders and good citizens, to instill in them a sense of responsibility to the rest of the human race, and to learn today to lead tomorow.
Hebron University was established in 1971 by a group of notable Palestinians led by the late mayor of Hebron, Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al-Ja’bari. In Arabic, the city of Hebron is called “Al-Khalil”, which means “the friend”, a reference to a Quranic verse describing Abraham as a friend of God. The traditional burial place of Abraham – the famous Abraham mosque – is located in the Old City of Hebron. The University was named for the city. Since its establishment, Hebron University has served thousands of Palestinians, including hundreds of students prevented by the Israeli occupation from pursuing their higher education overseas.
The University has an open registration policy that encourages students from every segment of Palestinian society to apply to the different Faculties, which are well known for their excellent academic reputation. Hebron University has a special financial aid program that supports needy students by providing grants and loans, and by waiving tuition.

Today, there are 132 full-time faculty members, including 92 Ph.D. holders and 40 MA holders. In addition there are 150 supportive faculty members. There are nine Faculties at Hebron University: Agriculture; Arts; Education; Finance and Management; Graduate Studies; Islamic Law (Al-Shari`a); Nursing; Science and Technology; Pharmacy. All Faculties offer B.A. or B.Sc. degrees. The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers M.A. and M.Sc. degrees in eight programs: Arabic Language and Literature; Applied Linguistics and the Teaching of English Language; History; Islamic Judiciary; Plant Protection; Natural Agricultural Resources and its Sustainable Management; Foundations of Religion; and Management.
In the future, the University will sustain and build upon its record of excellence as an educational leader and community resource. It is anticipated that more graduate programs will be offered, depending on availability of resources. We plan to improve the quality and efficiency of our service by upgrading and modernizing technology and equipment, increasing staff computer literacy, and making additions to our collection of books and other learning materials.

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